Graphic Image Flooring

G-Floor Image: Create your own on of a kind custom high end look in your home or commercial space with G-Floor Image vinyl flooring. Graphics are printed on the underside of commercial grade 75 mil (0.075") vinyl to provide protection from everyday wear and tear. Roll sizes of up to 10' x 50' make this the widest vinyl available. 

G-Floor Image Ultra: Samilar longevity and "Drive On” durability as G-Floor Image at a more economical price point and offered in a thinner 35 mil (0.035") vinyl. It is best suited for short term applications such as traditional floor graphics, counter mats, or wall applications.
Ceramic Black, Grey & White: A 75 mil (0.075”) base products with 100% through color that is ideal for when spot color or shorter term use is indicated. Average useful life is approximately 12 - 18 months though depending on use this can be shorter or longer. 
Super Smooth White: An 85 mil (0.085") base product with with 100% white through color. Widely used as a stand-alone white product for displays and with the addition of a clear coat your first surface print durability can be extended.
Chair Mat: A 95 mil (0.095") vinyl that allows us to create the ultimate and most durable chair mats in the market. We add a non-skid backer that allows you to use your mats on hardwood, tile and low-pile carpet. 

G-Floor is a registered trademark of Better Life Technologies, LLC (BLT).