Jamestown Trolley #93

Graphic Image Flooring was so delighted to play a small part in the restoration of the Jamestown Railway Trolley #93 Restoration project. 

  • The Jamestown Street Railway started streetcar operations on June 19, 1884 with the horse drawn cars. In 1891 the streetcar lines were electrified. The horse drawn streetcars were phased out and the electric motor became the muscle that moved the trolley car. 
  • In 1926 the Jamestown Street Railway purchased eight new St. Louis Car Company trolley cars. Numbered 91-98, they serviced the Willard Street and North-Newland lines. Trolley Car #93 was one of these. It was in January of 1938 that The Jamestown Street Railway trolley service ended. The end of trolley service saw Car #93 and the rest of the 90's series cars stripped down and the bodies sold and used for cottages on Chautauqua Lake. 

Our job was to match the original flooring to the exact specifications using our durable vinyl flooring. Through some back and forth and patience in the process we were able to match the 90 year old floor exactly. The final floor uses our 75 mil vinyl, digitally printed layer on the underside, and a nice matte finish top coat. The entire new floor is just one piece as you will see below making installation easier and faster and no seams in the future to deal with. We are confident that our floor will last many years to come and who knows maybe another 90 years. 

Take a moment to enjoy the great work that the restoration team has done from start to finish. So many talented individuals that we are just thankful to have played a very small part. 



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