Graphic Image Flooring

BILD Print Media (Formerly G-Floor)

Create an environment that you and your guests will love. Whether you are using brightly colored graphics as a source of way finding and leading people to your hottest deals, placing a large custom graphic in the middle of your high traffic areas, or showcasing your brand in a way that your customers will want to stop and admire, BILD is the product that will bring your concepts to life.

With BILD, you can make a positive impression with lasting durability that is cost effective so you can continue to promote your brand, as often as you need to. Stand out from the competition by thinking outside of the box in how you bring your message to market. Don’t just tell them, but show them! Get the conversation going amongst your customers and leave them talking about you long after they have left.

BILD is the perfect product to speak to your customers, providing them with a visual experience of your brand.

Give them a reason to stop looking down at their cell phones, but instead, look down at the message you are sharing.

Use BILD to take your marketing to the next level, thinking outside of the box with fresh creatives. BILD is an affordable option that is easy to put in place for various events during the year, but also reusable for seasonal graphics. BILD can be spilled on, walked on, and great for high traffic areas. Don’t just stand out from the competition, but provide something your customers can stand ON! Leave them feeling excited and with a lasting impression.

75 Mil Clear: 

  • The workhourse of printed vinyl flooring and resuable flooring mats and recommended for interior use only
  • Graphics are printed on the underside of commercial grade 75 mil (0.075") vinyl to provide protection from everyday wear and tear
  • Roll sizes of up to 10' x 50' make this the widest vinyl available
75 Mil Solid Color (Special Order):
  • A 75 mil (0.075”) base products with 100% through color and may be used both inside and outside
  • Available in Midnight Black and Slate Grey with a Ceramic texture and able to be printed on the top side
  • Ideal for when spot color or shorter term use is indicated
  • Roll sizes of up to 10' x 61'
Super Smooth White (Special Order):
  • An 85 mil (0.085") base product with with 100% white through color
  • Widely used as a stand-alone white product for displays
  • Ideal for when spot color or shorter term use is indicated
  • Roll sizes of up to 10' x 61'


California Proposition 65 WARNING:  This product can expose you to chemicals including - Vinyl chloride monomer; Carbon black; Ethyl acrylate; Titanium dioxide; Rutile (TiO2); 1,2-benzendikarboxylsyra, di-C8-10-alkyl ester, grenad; Nickel antimony yellow rutile (C.I. Pigment Yellow 53); Quartz; which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or Diisodecyl phthalate; which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to

 G-Floor and BILD is a registered trademark of Better Life Technologies, LLC (BLT).