Vintage in New Again!

At Graphic Image Flooring we get requests for all sorts of cool floors every day. From way out there Trade Show to the "I want to shock my visitors" at home or office.

Some of the more satisfying are projects like this one for a home owner in California. Full disclosure this is our second floor for her in this period home. It will be featured in a home tour later in the month.

There are thousands of homes througout the country that need flooring upgrades. Like all restoration projects it is difficult to stay true to the original. Sure paint, windows, wood and cabinets can be handled but what about the floors?

Graphic Image Flooring provides the ability to provide an exact match, well without the scratches and 60+ years of dirt, the exact floor. With a durable 1.9 mm wear layer (the thickness of a nickel) our floors are sure to last just as long.

Spaces like these demand a premium brand and material that you just cannot find in most flooring stores. We work with you to provide a floor that fits your space without compromise. Does it cost more than the standard? Sure, but in the end the countless satisfied customers speak volumes.

Stop holding back from bringing your vintage space up to date. Tecnhology now allows us to recreate your floor one space at a time.

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